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Real estate development, legal consulting and strategy experts.

What We Do

Grow Businesses, Build Communities, and Change Lives

CJRD partners have a combined total of more than 60 years of experience in the real estate, construction, legal, and management fields. Our firm can uniquely meet the consulting, legal, and strategic needs of our non-profit, private, and public sector clients—all under one roof.

Public Private Partnership Experts

At CJR Development Partners, we are architects of collaboration, forging powerful public-private partnerships that breathe life into visionary urban development projects. We understand that municipalities often possess ambitious visions for their communities but might lack the necessary resources to actualize them. Enter CJRD: bridging this gap by aligning the aspirations of public entities with the expertise and resources of seasoned builders and professionals. Together, we transform blueprints into vibrant communities, ensuring that every development vision is not just realized, but also resonates with the unique essence of its locale. Through these symbiotic partnerships, we sculpt the future, one community at a time.

Developing Dynamic Communities

At CJR Development Partners, community development goes beyond mere construction—it's an art of curating spaces that resonate with the pulse of modern living. We specialize in sculpting mixed-use living centers that seamlessly blend residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Our approach ensures that communities don’t just exist, but thrive, fostering a harmonious balance of work, play, and relaxation. Drawing from the unique character and needs of each locale, we create vibrant hubs where people can live comfortably, work productively, and engage recreationally. With CJRD at the helm, communities are transformed into dynamic, integrated ecosystems that elevate the quality of life for all residents.